Paestum and Buffalo Mozzarella Tour

If you are a food lover looking for local delicacies and you want to match a tasting experience with a cultural one, you have not to miss this tour. It is set in Paestum area, famous all over the world for the production of a prized local specialty, the ‘mozzarella di bufala’ cheese and for its Greek temples. At the beginning of your day, we will take you to visit an organic buffalo farm in the local countryside (the tour is available only in the morning) and then, we bring you to explore the history’s evidences, through a stroll in the archaeological ruins of Paestum. You will have the chance to visit one of the most innovative farms in Europe, where new technologies are combined with respect for nature. Everything here is thought to protect the animal welfare: in a comfortable and non-stressful environment equipped with showers, brushes and music, buffaloes are able to produce a creamier and sweeter final product. You will attend the different steps of mozzarella cheese production, a procedure entirely made by hand, and you will visit the Permanent Museum of Rural Life, with its tools and objects from the farmers’ everyday life. While in the farm, you could purchase your souvenirs in the leather shop, selling products created in vegetable tanned buffalo leather and inspired by the shapes of the rural world. You will complete your experience by tasting the fresh mozzarella cheese. The enchanting archaeological site of Paestum will provide you a unique Greek experience in Italy. Walking through the site, you will explore three huge white marble Greek temples, dating back to 6th century BC, which are one of the few evidences of this old town, brought to light. They are one of the best-preserved samples of Greek monuments in Europe.

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  • The tour will end in the afternoon at the port or at your Hotel.
  • We accept cash payment in Euros.
  • The price doesn’t include lunch, gratuities and any entrance fees (when applicable).
  • The price include taxes, fuel, parking and tolls